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Sports back
Sports back

The sports back chapter belongs to the embroidery chapter , mainly the embroidery chapter of various sports patterns . Baodi Company specializes in producing all kinds of embroidery chapters and embroidery labels, and only displays some product pictures. The styles can be customized or designed according to customer requirements.

Product Name: Sports Back Chapter

Fabric (material) use:: twill, non-woven, cotton, satin, flannel, etc.

Production process: workshop embroidery ----- post-process (back glue) lock (cut) side ------ product inspection review ------ needle detector needle inspection, inspection needle-free shipment.

Edge treatment: hand-burning, seaming, laser cutting, trimming, or double wrapping.

Back treatment or other accessories: can be back hot melt adhesive (soft rubber), hard rubber, self-adhesive, paper, car or back magic buckle, car button ring; install pins, corns; can not carry anything.

Uses: clothing accessories, children's wear, ready-to-wear, event gifts, promotional gifts, home accessories, etc.

Proofing time: usually 3 days.

Some product displays:

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