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What is an embroidery label?

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The source of the embroidery standard : based on the traditional embroidery due to the order quantity and the speed of the complex process production, the high price, the single improvement of the clothing processing, it is easier to be close to the company's clothing logo, clothing trademark and so on.

Embroidery standard production method:

1. First of all, there must be a well-designed electronic picture.

2. The professional plate-making personnel input the electronic picture into the computer plate-making system to complete the production of an embroidery cassette by their own thinking, and try to make the embroidery standard achieve the best effect.

3. After the embroidery label is completed, input it into the computer embroidery machine and start the embroidery machine to complete the process of embroidering the label .

4. The completion of the embroidery mark on the embroidery machine does not mean the completion of the whole process. At this time, there are still many post-order work, such as: backing glue, burning edge or seaming, etc. The most work of this is done, one is ok, one The perfect embroidered logo appears in front of you.

Embroidery standard usage:

The first step is to place the cloth flat on the position you want to stick, the side with the hot melt adhesive on the side of the cloth, preheat the iron, and iron the front side of the cloth for 10-20 seconds to fix the position of the cloth.

The second step is to reverse the fixed position of the cloth together with the clothes (or other textiles). The temperature of the ironing bucket is controlled at 150-170 degrees, and the ironing is 10-15 points from the reverse side. The embroidered cloth sticker can be firmly pasted. On clothing (or other textiles).

In the third step, finally ironing from the front for 1-2 minutes, ironing the edges and corners of the cloth to make the surface smooth and flat, and fit perfectly with the clothes (or other textiles).

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