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What is the embroidery chapter? What are the characteristics of the embroidery chapter?

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The appearance of the embroidery chapter is beneficial to the troubles caused by the number of garments, but it does not reach the trouble of the order quantity of production. In transportation, it is not necessary to transport the entire batch of garments to the factory for processing, which also greatly saves the freight expenses. .

Embroidery chapter features:

Different from the traditional embroidery craftsmanship, the embroidery chapter is more convenient for mass production. The traditional craft embroidery is in the production process. The volume of each bed depends on the placement of the pieces, and the embroidery chapter has no constraints such as the constraints of the pieces. The number of embroidery chapters is typed on the limited bottom fabric in duplicate form to maximize production.

Embroidery chapter type

Embroidery chapter is divided into non-adhesive embroidery chapter and adhesive embroidery chapter. In the practice and traditional computer embroidery practice, the embroidery will be cut or cut into embroidery pieces. On the back, the composite hot-melt adhesive will be produced. finished.


1: No adhesive embroidery chapter , use the sewing method to fix the edge part of the embroidery chapter to the position required by the clothing.

2: Adhesive embroidery chapter , the embroidery chapter is fixed at the position required by the clothing, and then heated by a pressing machine or an iron until the adhesive is fused with the clothing fabric.

The adhesive embroidery chapter is not easy to fall off in the case of washing or normal washing. For example, after repeated washing and falling off, the adhesive is re-applied and recombined.

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