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Performance of paper packaging products

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As a modern packaging material, paper is mainly used to make paper packaging products such as cartons, cartons, paper bags, paper containers, etc. Among them, corrugated cardboard and its carton occupy the dominant position of paper packaging materials and products; Composite paper and paperboard, special processing paper have been widely used, and will partially replace the application of plastic packaging materials in food packaging to solve the environmental protection problems caused by plastic packaging.

The performance of paper packaging products used for food packaging is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

First, printing performance

Paper and paperboard have a strong ability to absorb and bond inks, and have good printing performance, so they are often used as printing surfaces on packaging. The printing properties of paper and paperboard are mainly determined by surface smoothness, sizing, elasticity and adhesion.

Second, health and safety performance

In the processing of paper, especially chemical pulping, a certain chemical substance (such as lye and salt remaining in the kraft pulping process) usually remains. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly and rationally select various kinds according to the contents of the package. Paper and cardboard.

Third, the barrier performance

Paper and paperboard are porous fibrous materials, which have a certain degree of permeability to moisture, gas, light, grease, etc., and their barrier properties are greatly affected by temperature and humidity. Single paper packaging materials are generally not used for packaging foods with high moisture content, high fat content and high barrier properties, but can be satisfactorily treated by appropriate surface processing.

Fourth, mechanical properties

Paper and paperboard have certain strength, stiffness and mechanical adaptability. The strength of the paper and paperboard is mainly determined by the material, quality, thickness, processing technology, surface condition and certain temperature and humidity conditions of the paper. In addition, the paper also has a certain fold. Sex, elastic and tearing, suitable for making packaging containers or for wrapping.

The ambient temperature and humidity have a great influence on the strength of paper and paperboard. The change of air temperature and humidity will cause the paper and paperboard to change the moisture balance, and finally the mechanical properties will change to different degrees. The mechanical properties of paper vary with relative humidity. Due to the greater water absorption of paper fibers, when the humidity increases, the tensile strength and tear strength of the paper will decrease, which will affect the usability of paper and paperboard. A relative temperature and humidity condition must be maintained when determining the mechanical properties of paper and board.

Fifth, processing performance

Paper and paperboard have good processing properties, can be folded, and can be processed into a packaging container with various properties by various sealing methods. It is easy to realize mechanized processing operation, and there is a mature production process. Good processability creates conditions for designing a variety of functional structures such as windowing, handles, partitions, and design displays. In addition, through proper surface treatment, paper and paperboard can be provided with the necessary moisture resistance, insect resistance, barrier properties, heat sealability, strength and physical properties, and the scope of use can be expanded.

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