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The development trend of computer embroidery machines used in embroidery chapters!

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Embroidery chapter is referred to as embroidered chapter, which is also the embroidery badge. It is usually made by computer embroidery machine. When it is finished, it can be used for clothes and shoes, interior decorations, work clothes, etc. The embroidery chapter belongs to the clothing. A kind of excipient.

The raw materials used in the embroidery chapter are mainly embroidery thread and fabric, because their matching plays a vital role, so how to choose the fabric according to the graphics to achieve the desired effect, it depends on the accumulated experience and industry knowledge.

The embroidery chapter is mainly produced by computer embroidery machine. At present, the most prominent quality problem of computer embroidery machine in China appears in the mechanical part. The focus of the mechanical part is on the quality control of the parts and the precision control of the assembly. In terms of the quality of the parts, since most of the parts of the embroidery machine enterprise are purchased externally, the key to controlling this part of the quality lies in controlling the quality of the mining components. Faced with the ruthless fact that the product is from high-profit return to low-profit competition, there are a large number of counterfeit parts in the country driven by economic interests. This requires enterprises to focus on long-term economic benefits and brand benefits, and strictly enforce parts procurement rewards and punishments. The system improves the quality of procurement personnel and guarantees the quality of incoming parts from the source.

1. A company that wants to have long-term vitality must make great efforts to focus on innovation. As far as embroidery machines are concerned, they can participate in trade fairs, exhibitions and technology fairs of embroidery machines at home and abroad, and go out to understand the development trend of such products. Features of new technologies, new processes, new structures, and new materials. Broaden your horizons and follow the pace of the 21st century. At the same time, according to the introduction of the sales staff and the tracking of the customer, understand the parts of the company's products to be improved, and constantly improve the design. The process of the embroidery machine from the initial simple industrial sewing machine to the current electromechanical integration of high-tech products is the process of continuous improvement and innovation.

2. In terms of assembly accuracy, companies should work hard to train skilled assemblers. At the same time, the quality inspection facilities should be improved, and special instruments and meters should be equipped in the assembly process to improve the assembly accuracy.

3. The competition in the modern social market is becoming increasingly fierce, and the competition between enterprise products has evolved into the competition of enterprise management within the enterprise. Whether the enterprise can effectively organize the production of the enterprise and whether it can fully utilize the resources of all aspects of the enterprise becomes an important factor for the enterprise to reasonably control the cost of the product and successfully occupy the market.

The development trend of the computerized embroidery machine used in the embroidery chapter is generally efficient, stable and versatile. On this basis, the production enterprises can make a big fuss in terms of the humanization of product operation, the safety of the embroidery process, and the convenience of maintenance.

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