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Care and care of luggage products

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Nowadays, we can't do without all kinds of luggage products in our daily life. How should these bags and products be treated and maintained?


In many cases, the bag is dirty, discolored or worn out, not caused by excessive use of the bag, and may be caused only by the lack of attention during our use. People who love the package will definitely have some lessons in this regard, knowing what issues should be paid attention to when using bags.

1. If your hands are prone to sweating, it is best to use your arm or shoulder bag as much as possible, and use your hand to pack the bag, otherwise the sweat will easily leave stains on the handle of the bag.

2. When storing sharp objects in the bag, be sure to package the sharp items completely and then put them. And those items that are cut and damaged, are best not to be placed in the baby bag. Do not harden or put heavy items, otherwise the bag will be deformed or damaged.

3. When switching the lock of the luggage, do not mix foreign objects in the lock, which will damage the hardware of the luggage.

4. Do not stick labels or adhesive tape on the bag, which can easily peel off the skin when it is pulled off.

5. When using the handbag bag, try to avoid the handbag from rubbing frequently with the denim fabric, because the dyeing phenomenon is easy to occur.

6. In rainy and snowy weather, try to avoid using leather bags such as fur, nubuck, suede, etc., because once the area is wet, it will be difficult to take care of, and the leather will harden.

7. Long-term direct light and heating will discolor, discolor and deform the bag. Should try to avoid long-term contact with the sun and heating.


1. Bags to be collected in the season, it is best to clean and care before storage, be sure to put a clean filler (such as: shredded paper or cotton shirt) in the bag to keep the shape of the bag, and then Put the bag in a dust bag for collection.

2. The cabinets that contain the bags must be well ventilated. It is best to have a cloakroom with a blind or a closet. It is best not to put too many items in the cabinet. In a humid environment, put a little moisture-proof beads in the bag.

Leather case product maintenance

(1) Do not wash with water. The correct way to handle the dust on the surface of the bag is to wipe it with a dry cloth or water.

(2) Wiping the leather case should follow the direction of the fur;

(3) The care products used in the cleaning and maintenance of leather bags should not contain acidic or alkaline components, nor should they contain volatile components;

(4) The leather bag for the out-of-season storage should be placed in a cabinet with ventilation conditions, and care should be taken to avoid the bag being squeezed, twisted, and mildewed.

Cloth box product maintenance

(1) When cleaning the cloth bag, the bag should be removed and then cleaned; (2) When cleaning the cloth bag, prevent the fabric from fading; (3) If the cloth bag is contaminated with deep dirt, add a little during cleaning. soda water.

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