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The embroidery standard and the clothing Internet industry docking!

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Embroidery mark refers to the software that designs the logo in the picture through the computer, embroiders the pattern on the cloth through the embroidery machine, and performs some sorting and modification of the cloth, etc., and finally makes a piece with embroidery logo. Cloth. Suitable for all kinds of casual wear, hats, all kinds of bedding, shoes and so on.


The embroidery thread is indispensable in the embroidery standard , and the embroidery thread is also an indispensable raw material in the processing of various embroidery products. Consumers have a soft spot for embroidered products, which has led many businesses to start producing computer embroidery machines. Furthermore, a new trend in the field of application of embroidery threads has been gradually formed.

First, development prospects

China is a big textile processing country, but now with the increasing scale, the profits that merchants are getting are decreasing, coupled with the current global energy crisis and the increasing cost of synthetic fiber represented by polyester. Those textile industries are under pressure. With the increasing awareness of consumers' environmental protection and the growing awareness of the demand for natural materials, the prospect of rayon embroidery threads is bright.

Second, policy support

In recent years, the Chinese government has also actively promoted and promoted the transformation and upgrading of apparel enterprises. The establishment of the company's own brand apparel is the transformation and upgrading of the clothing enterprise. The enterprise then carries out all-round self-innovation. The development of China's garment industry is only about 20 years, so the road to branding still has a long way to go. Creating an independent brand is also the only way for the Chinese apparel industry to enter the world.

With the rise of embroidery signs and cross-stitch, many people's preferences are changing. Many people find confidence in cross-stitch, others find their love because of cross-stitch, and some people support it because of cross-stitch. A home, and the rise of computer embroidery is undoubtedly an innovation.

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