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Cold water soluble film
Cold water soluble film

The hot melt adhesive film and the cold water soluble film have different properties, and the cold water soluble film is produced by using high quality PVA material. After use, the remaining needs to be packaged in time to avoid moisture. In the process of washing water, the normal water temperature of 15-30 °C is applied, and the cleaning is gradually carried out. In order to prevent the cloth from becoming hard, it is recommended to wash the living water. Due to the water-soluble nature of PVA, customers need to change the storage location according to the actual situation to achieve the desired hardness.

Model Thickness Wide

W025 25mu 100cm 150cm/160cm

W035 35mu 100cm/150cm/160cm

W045 45mu 100cm/150cm/160cm

W050 50mu 100cm/150cm/160cm

W060 60mu 100cm / /160cm

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