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TPU hot melt adhesive film
TPU hot melt adhesive film

TPU hot melt adhesive film products are made by our company using imported raw material formula and processed by advanced production technology. They are divided into high resilience and no resilience. The performance indicators are as follows:
Material: TPU

Product specifications:

Thickness: 0.04-0.50mm,

Width: 48-150cm

Thickness error: ±0.005mm

Melting point: 60-120 ° C

Pressing temperature: 80-180 ° C

Bonding range: laminating PU leather, PVC , microfiber, PC , epoxy resin, nylon cloth, lycra, Jiaji cloth and other elastic fabrics

Washing performance: 40 or 60 ° C water wash. It is related to the fabric to be bonded, and it is recommended to confirm the experiment.

Substrate material: single (double) silicon release paper film

Appearance: colorless and transparent

Packing: 100/200 yards per roll, also available upon request.

Note: The pressing temperature and pressing time are only the recommended process conditions. They are related to the pressing equipment, the thickness of the material to be bonded, the thermal conductivity and the pressure. The user needs to confirm the experiment according to the specific conditions.

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