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3D embroidery
3D embroidery

3D embroidery is also called 3D three-dimensional embroidery. It is a kind of embroidered chapter or embroidered label . It is a kind of three-dimensional embroidery special wool on the three-dimensional embroidery fabric. According to the design steps, according to the design requirements of the three-dimensional embroidery drawings, the object stereo is expressed or embodied. A DIY embroidery effect. Three-dimensional embroidery has stronger stereoscopic visual enjoyment; aesthetics is richer in home decoration effect; it is a more elegant and more humanized gift, DIY boutique. Baodi Company specializes in producing all kinds of embroidery chapters and embroidery labels. The product pictures are for reference only, and the styles can be customized or designed according to customer requirements.

Product Details:

Type: Embroidery chapter , embroidery standard

Material: twill, non-woven, satin, cotton

Scope of application: clothing, apparel, home textile, DIY

Gluing on the back: Non-adhesive hard rubber soft self-adhesive

Whether to customize: support customization

Product display:

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