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Employment and development philosophy:

At Breguet, we believe that dreams have unlimited possibilities!
 We insist on “employee is the boss”, continue to innovate, create an infinitely broad stage for outstanding talents, systematically provide employees with opportunities for learning and development and career planning consultation, so that every Baodi person can make the best use of their talents. The potential to meet the challenges of each day with enthusiasm and creativity to create an unlimited future for the Group.

Job vacancies:

Foreign trade manager

job requirements:

1. Fluent English standards, cheerful personality, diligent study, hard work, patience, and responsibility;

2. Be serious and responsible, be modest and prudent, be patient and have affinity;

3. More than three years working experience as a foreign trade manager, with independent working ability and experience;

4. Familiar with the clothing accessories / embroidery accessories and accessories market, with relevant work experience;

5. Can adapt to the foreign working environment.

 1. Competitive salary: The company shares the results of enterprise development with employees, and provides employees with competitive wages that match their ability and contribution.
 2. Social insurance: According to the national statutory project and proportion, the company provides five social insurances for pension, medical care, unemployment, work injury and birth for employees who work stably, and provides perfect social security.
 3. Promotion and development: The company provides career development guidance, fair promotion opportunities and corresponding resource support to help employees establish their career development direction and gradually achieve their career development goals.
 4. Bonuses and Dividends: The company sets different levels of bonuses for departments and individuals with diligent work and outstanding performance, and provides year-end bonuses and option dividends for managers, key positions and key technical personnel according to the economic benefits and personal contributions of the company. Share the benefits of corporate development.
 5, free system training: the company provides employees with basic system quality, professional quality, management quality training, and constantly improve the professional quality of employees; free of charge to provide employees with wonderful life knowledge training, enrich and active staff amateur cultural life.

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Address:Room A07, 4th Floor, Tianlong Business Building, Dongxing Street, Datangtou, Dongcheng Street, Dongguan, Guangdong, China  电话:19928186223  MobilePhone:19928186223

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